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Story of HTE Logo
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Have you ever wondered where the HTE logo came from or the important meaning it has? This beautiful logo not only shows the image of Hsin Ten International Group, as a whole, it also represents Hsin Ten people??s perpetual imprint of glory.


Hsin Ten sincerely wishes that all people in the world will become familiar with, and love, this beautiful mark, and will become members under this imprint of glory.

The five light green squares and four dark green squares of the Hsin Ten logo symbolize the Hsin Ten business partners who have come together in Hsin Ten International group. These partners come from all walks of life including scholars, farmers, artisans, and merchants, in the five continents of the world, and have become a close, cooperative family, plowing and weeding the Hsin Ten field full of health, wealth and happiness. Motivated by a mission of working with one heart and growing together, they continuously overcome the barriers of mountains, and achieve excellent results.

The Chinese character for "field ? is hte. The Hsin Ten logo uses this pattern repeatedly and in the whole logo. The patterns of htelogo overlap one another, derive from and link with one another signifying that the wonderful Hsin Ten business will be continuously distributed by public praises and will infinitely develop its multivariate business domain. The forces converge on a central square, from outside to inside, representing the common operating principles and goals that unite all the Hsin Ten business partners. The patterns of ? ?also spread from inside to outside continuously, representing Hsin Ten??s unlimited potential for development and the strides forward towards its goal of continuous legitimate operation.

Of all the colors, green has a special significance of health, peace, safety, and ideal. Hsin Ten International??s adoption of green tones in its logo design means we should develop highly competitive, popular products, with great potential to conform with new ideas and new trends in health-care and environmental protection for creating a healthy and vigorous new life.

The green color also represents luxuriance and perpetuity. The perfect combination from light green to dark green shows the steady growth of Hsin Ten International Group, which has extended its business antennas to every corner of the world. Hsin Ten has infinite vitality and potential, like a giant tree, continuously rooting downward, deeply and vigorously vegetating upwards, luxuriantly sheltering the Hsin Ten Distributors world wide.

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