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SOQI incorporates natural therapies and high quality products using a unique "Multiple Energy Approach" for your daily health management.
SOQI Bed Set
Aerobic Exercise | SOQI Bed Set |

A Total Health Management Experience Everyday !



What is the SOQI Bed Set?
Ultimate Total Health Spa experience (1 Chi Machine & 3 HotHouses) built into a specialty designed massage table bed
Comfortable & designed to provide the most relaxing experience of your life
An effective way to achieve your daily exercise & wellness at home
Perfect for everyone - home therapy, health clubs, fitness centres, spas etc?K
Durable, valuable & multi-functional
Safe, simple & a natural way to good health!


Multiple Energy Approach
The SOQI Bed Set incorporates natural therapies and high quality products using a unique "multiple energy approach." By using HTE's products in combination you are balancing the energies of motion, thermal, electrical and nutritional. This is inspired by energy healing and back to nature concepts. The multiple energy approach is your gateway to good health.


Motion Energy
Represented by the award winning Chi Machine, which is associated with international patent designs. It allows your body to be harmonized in the figure "8" motion. You will experience instantaneous relaxation due to the return of your spinal curve. The Chi also improves the flow of circulation and oxygen absorption stimulating your energy levels throughout the day.


Electric Energy
Represented by the Electro Reflex Energizer? (ERE), an alternative health approach to foot reflexology. Unwind with the ERE and allow the low frequency electric stimulation to gently massage your feet, enhance your feet circulation, relieve stress, tension and most importantly help your body achieve homeostasis.


Nutritional Energy
HTE's nutritional products include Chi Formula?, Total Enzyme?, Return 2 Nature's Heart Formula & Fountain of Youth and Betaloe?. These supplements can maximize your nutrition intake and enhance metabolic activity.


Use the SOQI Bed Set as a ...

1. Home Spa
Create your own personal health spa that will keep you in shape, and make you feel and look good in the comfort of your own home. Recharge your batteries at the end of the day with SOQI.

2. Beauty Companion
Complement your beauty treatments with SOQI. Perfect pamper and relaxation packages. Excellent detox solution. Feel yourself glow!!

3. Holistic Treatment
Complete natural therapy package that is perfect for every family or natural health practitioner. Multiple energy approach uses four healing energies.



Size Specifications:
Dimensions: L86" x W37" x H40"
Weight: approx. 60kg (132lbs)
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Voltage: AC 100V-120V
Consumption: approx. 1000 Watts

Central Control Unit
Face cradle for posterior treatment
High Quality Professional Massage Table Bed
Sound system with relaxing music CD
Storage space
3 HotHouse extenders & 2 armrests
Chi Machine
Specially designed hinge & rail

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