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The circular picture above the SOQI trademark is taken from the Tai-Chi Symbol and consists of this great ancient Chinese theory.
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A Health And Wealth Program

When we combine HTE's global marketing strategy and SOQI's action plan, we have the "SOQI-618 Program."

hteBy using our Health Concept, Business Plan, Training System, and Marketing Vision as your guides, you can create a brand-new self, discover your potential, and find a rich new way of life.


Business Plan: Use our "Fish-Net Organization" support system to transform customers to business partners, build the business, and share the benefits.


Health Concept: Use the "SOQI Total Health Management" concept to assist you, your clients, and your network in reaping the benefits of good health.


Training System: Our well-designed training program, a tried and proven system, can provide you with the knowledge and techniques needed to succeed in your HTE business.


hteGlobal Connection: HTE has built and maintained an excellent worldwide reputation as one of the premier health and wellness organizations. We will continue to positively build our "Global Connection With SOQI."


It is your choice to sit there and do nothing until you get old or, take the initiative to begin building another stage of your life. The SOQI-618 Program is your best choice.

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