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The circular picture above the SOQI trademark is taken from the Tai-Chi Symbol and consists of this great ancient Chinese theory.
SOQI Legend
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SOQI Energy Shields My Life

HTE INTERNATIONAL GROUP created the "SOQI Total Health Management" concept because people today are so busy they don't make it a priority to exercise or take good care of their health. We believe that "SOQI Total Health Management" is the solution for today's hectic lifestyles. It is a comprehensive approach to maintaining overall good health that includes:

SOQI Total Health Spa By combining modern technology with Eastern theories, people can begin to experience this new health concept through the Chi Machine and HotHouse benefits of Motion, Thermal and Electric Energy. Aroma and Sound Therapy can be included to create a wonderfully rejuvenating experience.

Nutritional Products
You've got the answers to your health concerns with HTE's Nutritional Product line including Total Enzyme, Chi Formula, and Return 2 Nature's "Heart Formula" and "Fountain of Youth". The results are similar to Chi Kung ("Energy Exercise") which is known to help blood circulation, improve the immune system, and give the body a balanced feeling of good health.

SOQI Total Health Management results have been fabulous! Slimming down, reducing stress, looking and feeling better are just some of the amazing outcomes people have experienced. Isn't it time for you to experience it, too?


SOQI Chi Spa Center & Workshop
A smart and scientific health care center for the modern lazy people

The SOQI Chi Spa Center is a Healthcare Center environment for Distributors who want to go to the next level. This demo and service center is where Customers can experience the SOQI Chi Spa for a small fee and Distributors can train future networks to benefit from the health and wellness industry.

This new Center combines the Distributor Network with the Chain Store Network giving us a strong competitive advantage. It gives us a storefront opportunity to increase sales and visibility, jumpstart a stale business and increase networking opportunities.

The SOQI Chi Spa Center incorporates the "SOQI Total Health Management" concept. Customers can begin with an Energy Measurement Device (EMD) evaluation, receiving a printout of their body's condition and what is needed to balance their system. We can then immediately offer Nutritional Supplements, Reflexology, Aerobic Exercise, Thermotherapy, Spa Music, and Aromatherapy via the Chi Machine, HotHouse, and ERE to adjust the rhythms in your body, help you relax, have restful sleep, reduce pain, lose weight, improve energy, clean & detoxify your body.

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