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The circular picture above the SOQI trademark is taken from the Tai-Chi Symbol and consists of this great ancient Chinese theory.
SOQI Construction
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Total Health Spa


Aerobic Exercise
Chi Machine®
Motion Energy - increases the oxygen intake

Chi Machine®
Japanese Chi Health Association President, Dr. Shizuo Inoue has spent 38 years of researching and developing on his innovated and patented product recognized by the rest of the world.


Thermal Energy

enhances the Blood Circulation
hte HTE's Far Infrared is a high-tech product that control the range around 8-10µm wavelength, which is the best environment for body's absorption. We are the only one in the market to use Crystal Technology in a 160-degree semi-circle design; through the radiation, it deep penetrates the skin tissue. Through the vibration, the HotHouse's Far Infrared shares a harmonic with the skin tissue and increases the deep skin tissue's temperature under strict safety regulation. In addition, under safest possible situation, HotHouse's Far Infrared expands the blood vessel, accelerates the blood circulation, increases the metabolism, boosts the energy, relieves the arthritic pain...etc.


Nutrition Supplements
Nutritional Energy
Get Rid of the Unwanted and Boost Your Energy

Total Enzymes
Enzymes regulate the normal processes of digestion, absorption, detoxification, blood circulation, and waste removal all essential to the very functions that makes human life possible. Enzymes are not only the foundation of human life, they are fundamental the HEALTH!
Our Total Enzyme extracts from 86 kinds of Vegetables and fruits, including all kinds of enzymes for our body needs. Through the Catalysis from the Enzyme, it can increase the metabolism , balance our body PH, improve digestions and absorption, to maintain our body function.


Chi Formula
The key ingredient of Chi Formula is Siberian Ginseng. Our Chi Formula provides a perfect combination of health maintenance as well as therapy ---destroying and purging you of the things threatening your health and then bestowing on you great energy and vitality leading to more radiant beauty. Anticipate your internal organs regaining their function without any side effects.
Three primary functions:

  • Increases and strengthens the human body's immune system;
  • Properly regulate the pathological process and helps restore it to a normal state;
  • Helps the internal organs to return to normal function without side effects even after prolonged use.

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