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HTE Asian Pacific headquarters in Bangkok
On January 1, 2008 is HTE Asian Pacific area headquarters officially to be established in Thailand Bangkok.

the headquarters establishment most important task is: (1) truly carries out SOQI, creates the high growth, the high achievements. (2) Asian and Pacific system is consistent, overhead construction international recommendation platform. (3) positively develops the new market, the expanded Asian and Pacific management scale.

In order to achieve the important mission, HTE group especially invite Mr. Yeh Kuo tang as COO by HTE Asian-Pacific Region headquarters . He has 20 year above the marketing experience, including 10 years in chain store and 12 years at multi-level marketing . When the period of HTE Taiwan company , not only truly impelled 618 plan but positive developed " SOQI House" alliance system,and he created the good management foundation and achievements.
We believe in 2008 Dancing SOQI Year he will lead HTE Asian-Pacific Region into a great vision and make a perfct grade!


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