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Don’t pass up the “HTE Miracle Contest”! Win up to $1,000 dollars in cash!
HTE Miracle Invites you to share your testimonial of gratitude

Period of the contest:2014/04/01(Tue) ~2014/06/30 (Mon)

Qualifications:All HTE Distributors

How to join the contest:Upload your testimonial. You could win the $1,000 dollar cash prize.

The results of the Preliminary Contest will be announced on 2014/07/14 (GMT+8).

Testimonial Award:HTE International Headquarters will vote and select 5 winning testimonials. The winners will be awarded with prizes at the 25th Anniversary Convention. Each winning testimonial article will receive a $1,000 dollar cash prize.


HTE reserves the right to change the content of the HTE Miracle contest, the contest period and the decision right.

In order to comply with the tax regulations of the Republic of China (ROC, Taiwan), a 10% withholding tax is required on all prizes exceed (or equal to) value of $20,000 NT dollars. (20% withholding tax required for all non ROC citizens)


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