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Indonesia Medan SOQI Health Management Seminar
On July 24, Medan top leader Jgm.Julia Koni is a speaker of SOQI Health Management Seminar in Novotel Soechi Hotel. There are a lot of distributor and new coustomer participation in this event.

Every month, Leader and Medan team SOQI networks always have seminar, but this seminar is very special . Why ? Because we celebrate 3 event together. The first time, Team SOQI’s Medan makes surprise party for celebrated Jgm.Julia Koni ‘s Birthday.

The second time, top leader Jgm. Julia Koni and also Medan’s leader and team SOQI ‘s Medan network lounching DVD product SOQI. This DVD is contains the function and benefit about SOQI ‘s product and the technical how to use it . I think it’s very impotant for networks especially new member must know how to use SOQI product by theirself.

The thirth times is SOQI ‘s seminar who she is a speaker. She presentation about SOQI Health Management. Sharing and consultation about SOQI also Product’s Demo.

After lunch, we are continue our seminar with Opp nest Economy by Pgm. Rizmayanti. She explains about chance of business in SOQI and BHT ( SOQI workshop ). And also she share about her experience in SOQI and BHT until she has networks SOQI workshop.

The last section, we tell and motivation them about SOQI promotion and Hsin ten Company activities likes MPIV BALI.

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