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2011 Group Manager Annual Meeting
15th~16th January 2011, the annual group manager meeting was held in HTE JB office, with Group Managers from Singapore and Malaysia participated. Asia-Pacific COO Simon Yeh, Singapore and Malaysia GM James Liu, VGM Vincent Chai attended the meeting.

2011 is the year of Best Team in HTE, whether our distributors can deal with the changes and challenges in 2001 determined if they can achieve a new standard of performance. In the morning on the first day, GM Liu and VGM Chai reported the sales and performance in 2010 and set the business objectives and implement plans in 2011. in the Afternoon, COO detailed presented the four ‘one’, HTE's strategy in 2011, which indicate one rubber band, one health passport, one highway, one best team. Do you have leadership ability? Whether you are rebuilding customer relationships? Whether you are building a flexible business model? The situation appears to be simple, you must look for competitive advantage; situation seems complicated, it is up to simplify access to competitive advantage.

The next day's agenda is based on group discussions. Topics to be discussed is how to create a personal organizational career-high point (formation of BEST Team); how to play the Home SPA functions; how to use the office as a gathering place; how to improve the function and value SOQI Work Shop, etc. Each group had actively participated in the discussion, to find out and analyze problems and identify strategies for solving problems. After that, three groups not only need to present the results, also need to face the Q & A challenge.

After the meeting, executives are the best team on the set is full of confidence. New year, new high point, we are the best!

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