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On 30 May,2009, HTE hold the SOQI Thailand leader conference to inform management and important policy in Thailand for every SOQI member.


This meeting was hold at the company. Every member came on time and was enthusiastic to join in this meeting.

At 1.30 pm, the meeting started, we invited COO SIMON YEH to be the first person to talk about management, policy, the significant strategies and, the main activities for the second half of 2009. Every one paid attention to listen to it.

Then, Mr. Vincent was the next person to give the speech of HTE direction in 2009 and MLM business and franchise. After his speech, we gave every one for a 10-minute break to have some fruit juice and cakes so they felt more relaxed.

Then, the meeting was carried on. This time, we invited Mrs. Supist who is responsible for the training to give a speech of the new training and explain about what Q.C.S.A is and how important it is.

And, the last person, Jonas, gave a speech of the sales planning. It was time to let every member ask questions they wondered and every one seemed to have satisfied answers. In the end, Mr. Tong was invited to share his own experience with every one.


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