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Multi-Channel Distribution.Products and opportunity that bring Health and Wealth to your life !
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Slogan and Logo Contest for Hsin Ten Enterprise's 20th Anniversary
Slogan and Logo Contest for Hsin Ten Enterprise's 20th Anniversary Got talents ? Read on if you have the knack for creating catchy and inspiring slogans and logos !

【Deadline for Entries】
Entries must be received no later than November 15, 2008 to be eligible for prizes.
We encourage and invite all HTE family members to participate. However, you don’t have to be a HTE distributor to participate in this contest; anybody can join this contest as long as you are referred by a HTE distributor and have excellent ideas!
It doesn’t have to be work of one person. It can be creations of a group of people.

Twenty years ago, in Taiwan, a small island on Pacific Rim, a group of people led by Mr. Gordon Pan worked diligently and persistently to promote health consciousness and bring the revolutionary Chi Machine to the international stage.
Today, people from all over the world and all walks of life are propagating and promoting, with the very same belief and SOQI spirit started by Mr. Gordon Pan 20 years ago, SOQI’s health management concept to those who need to regain their health or maintain a healthy life.
Twenty years of SOQI Spirit in the making continues to influence the world. The unchanged HTE culture – be grateful, be thankful, and be the master of your own – goes on and lights up in every corner of the world.

Be creative and make the best of your imagination!
Design and create: 1) Slogan 2) Logo
You will not be disappointed by the great cash prizes we have to offer!
Please submit the slogan by using the form provided with this page. Please submit the logo design in JPG format.
Submit your entry to : grant5410@hsinten.com.tw. Submission must be done on or before 11-15-08.

1. First Prize x (1): First Prize winner will receive a cash prize of USD $1,000.
2. Second Prize x (4): Each Second Prize winner will receive a cash prize of USD $100
3. The name of the First Prize winner will be announced and posted on HTE’s official website.

1. All taxes, if any, on prizes are the sole responsibility of the prizewinners. HTE, by law, may be required to withhold certain taxes with respect to the prizes awarded. HTE reserves the right to withhold any such applicable taxes with respect to the prizes. Non-U.S. residents are subject to United States tax withheld from winnings and are responsible for any local tax.
2. The copyrights of all winning entries will belong to Hsin Ten Enterprse.
3. All entries will be reviewed and selected by HTE’s panel of judges.
4. Non-winning contestants will not be further notified and contacted.


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