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HTE Singapore/Malaysia Business strategy Seminar
HTE Singapore/Malaysia today announced a seminar entitled '2008 HTE International Business Strategy' held at SOQI CHI SPA in Johor Bahru Malaysia.

On January 22-23, 2008. In total, 14 attendees (Group Manager) from Singapore and Malaysia benefited from this workshop. The Seminar was targeted at those involved in planning, implementation and management of team.

The seminar commenced with brief words of welcome and introductions by Carlos Wu, Vice General Manager. He touched shortly upon the aims and objectives, as well as the contents that will be touched on for the 2 days seminar. After this, the seminar launched into the morning session presentations by Mr Simon Yeh, COO of HTE Asia-Pacific on “2008 HTE International Business Strategy”, followed by each attendees going on stage giving a 15 minutes presentations. This is to allow each of them to be able to convey and give a clear speech/presentation to people on the benefits of the company, enabling them to gain success on this business. After dinner, COO of HTE Asia-Pacific Mr Simon Yeh touched on “ Leader’s Demeanor” on factors such as qualities of a good leader and pointed out the areas in which our leaders can be improved and strengthen on.



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